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No-one knows how many European Petrol Companies have issued road maps. Over 200 different names are known, but with relatively few collectors - especially in Southern Europe - there may be many more. One thing is certain: there are many fewer than in North America where over 600 different brands of gasoline appear on maps.

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Secondary or Subsidiary Brands


A 1982 BP map of Europe.

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1960 Caltex map of Europe

A 1960 Caltex map of Europe by Kümmerley & Frey. The reverse has lists of populations, capital cities, highest mountains & longest rivers as well as more common matters such as grades of Caltex fuel & oil and phrases in 8 main languages.

Gulf issued 3 softback atlases covering all of Europe to complement their national map programmes in the early 1970s.

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1957 Shell map of Europe

This design was used for 1956-7 Shell maps of Europe. Mairs provided a map at the small scale of 1:5 million, with a mileage chart and route planning map on the reverse for 1957 and list of main Shell touring stations in 1956.

1963 Total Eight Capitals map

In place of an all-Europe map, Total published a Michelin map covering "8 capitals of Europe". Unusually for a small scale map it marked towns with Total garages, even though it lacked town plans of the capitals. The example shown is from 1963; later issues covered 13 capitals, omitted service station locations and were based on Freytag-Berndt maps.

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